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  • Adnan Mededovic

Program for Strengthening Competitiveness and Sustainable Growth of SMEs - APPLY NOW! -

28th February 2024


The program is intended for companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina and will be realized in a period of 24 months. For 30 selected companies we have secured 35% - 50% cost subsidy.

Each selected company will contractually commit to active participation in the program. The selected companies will receive advisory support, which includes continuous monitoring and operational engagement of our advisors and experts in the areas of the company's operations in which the greatest impact on the company's business will be achieved.

What does the program cover?

Program will be tailored to specific company needs. Our teams will work on developing the company's capacities, opening new markets and finding new customers, improving the company's financial results and defining sustainable financial policies, improving cooperation with banks and other financial institutions, introducing management models that will improve business efficiency, and other areas for which there is a need.

Program methodology

Each company will be assigned a consultant who will be supported by industry and functional experts, according to the needs of the program that will be defined for each company separately. In the first step, the team of advisors will conduct a strategic analysis of the company's business, which will allow to define the necessary strategic orientations to strengthen the competitiveness of the company and sustainable business growth. Implementation involves the operational engagement of advisors in working with the company during the duration of the program.

Dedicated advisors will be working, hand in hand, with SME's key staff and management through entire implementation to ensure achievement of the tangible results and improvement. We will fill in those missing capabilities in your company and will support your organizational growth and development.

Program costs are subsidized from 35% to 50%!

Activities undertaken by this program will be subsidized to 30 selected companies in the amount of 35% to 50% of the total value of the program in one company.

For more information about the program, you can reach us on

POZIV_Program jačanja konkurentnosti i održivog rasta poslovanja SME
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