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We are committed to our client's success.

With regional presence in the Western Balkans, we support companies to enter these markets and develop their businesses. We bring unique proposition to our clients - services with high professional advisory standards gained from top international strategy consulting companies and understanding of the regional markets. Advantage strategy & financial advisory works with clients to redefine their growth strategies, find new markets and customers, transform their organizations and business models, make strategic acquisitions, and secure their investments.

Our Approach

Our assignments are led by a Principal Consultants with the relevant expertise for assignment, who is supported by a dedicated team of advisors. We employ a personal approach to provide comprehensive services to our clients. 




Due diligence process helps organizations evaluate strategic issues, assess their own organization, products, and markets in order to make informed decisions and identify potential opportunities.


We provide comprehensive, in-depth analyses to help you understand the risks and potential rewards of any potential investments or initiatives. Our team of experienced strategy consultants will work with you to develop strategies to ensure the success of your venture.

Advantage team of consultants, along with the management, help you transform your business model and achieve profitability improvement, better cost management and revenue growth. 

We provide actionable advice and implement improvement measures to help you achieve your business goals.

We create a comprehensive action plan to guide you through the business transformation process.

Through Implementation we help organizations to maximize their success by creating a tailored KPI system, enhanced corporate governance, a reporting system and decision making based on data. Our team coordinate with the management to ensure successful implementation of strategic actions and provide an advisory board for guidance throughout the implementation. Our experienced advisors work with you to ensure a successful outcome, allowing you to unlock the potential of your organisation.

CEO Agenda



The Path to Success

We support our clients to build their businesses for the future. We challenge their business models and value propositions to a new trends and customers behaviours, take strategic initiatives that will add value to our clients and their sustainability.

We advise CEOs focus on the important topics, critical areas where a CEO can lead the company towards value creation. 


Comprehensive Approach

We have expertise to support CFOs as they transform company's finance policy, shape portfolio strategies, undertake major investment and financial decisions.


We support implementation of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) activities through all phases, by defining M&A strategy, broad due diligence and post M&A integration. 


Expert Guidance

In pursue of finding perspective and solid investment opportunities, with emphasis on Bosnia and Herzegovina and Western Balkans markets, we have knowledge of the local businesses and investment opportunities, as well as the legal and business customs and practices. We identify key risks related to your investment and recommend solutions that will secure your project. We use proven market assessment methodology and financial models that will maximize your investment.

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